Desert Rifle 1

Desert Rifle is a first person shooting game where you play as a soldier. It’s a single player game and your mission is to act as a decoy and divert the opponent army for 6 days.

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Controls to play

The game is played by the following control.

  • Mouse left click – Shoot
  • Lower mouse – Hide/ reload gun
  • Keypad 1-6 – Detonate mines
  • Lower mouse + Click on gun – Change Gun
  • Space bar – Use Sniper Mode


Game Play

In the start of game you are instructed to survive and engage the enemy so that your army can attack from opposite side, while enemy is busy fighting you. There is a clock which shows the remaining time for each day. You have to survive till that time and kill all the opponents. You can duck and hide behind a wall and be ready for your next shot. The game becomes tougher with each passing day as enemy brings up better equipment and better skilled soldiers to kill you.

At the start of each level, you are informed about the new upgrade your enemy has on its field and then you are shown a map where you can put landmines at desired positions. Once the game starts, you are positioned behind a wall and opponent soldiers are shown running towards you from the opposite side. You are continuously shown the no of soldiers near to landmine, and you can accordingly hit the numerical key and blast the mine. Once the time is over and all opponents are killed, the day ends.


desert rifle 1

Items in game

In order to play the game, the player can use the following items

  • Guns – There are various guns, which can be shuffled depending on need
  • Mines – Player can use landmines for blasting up enemy


Gun types

There are various guns available in the game which player can score and use. The most basic is the handgun with unlimited ammo. Other than that there are sniper rifles, automatic gun and a shot gun. All the guns come with limited ammo and have different usage in the game.

Game score

Player gets scores for each day he survives in the battle and for each killing. These scores can be used for buying various guns and landmines which he can use in next level. As a bonus, the player get upgrades such as better aim, faster recovery, and faster power respawn.

Appropriate Age

Desert Rifle is suggested to be played by age 10 and above as it has minor violence.


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