Desert Rifle 2

Desert Rifle 2 is successor of Desert Rifle. This is a single player game though, can be played by different people at different times as various profiles can be saved and played with. This version has better graphics and better control over the game and there are few other minor upgrades in the game. This version also uses mouse to aim and shoot.

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Controls to play

The game is played by the following control.

  • Mouse left click – Shoot
  • Lower mouse – Hide/ reload gun
  • Keypad 1-7 – Detonate mines
  • Lower mouse + Click on gun/R – Change Gun
  • Space bar – Use Sniper Mode
  • X-Fire Grenades
  • Q/E – Switch weapons
  • M- Change Fire Mode
  • P – Pause game

Game Play

In this game, you need to shoot the opponent and kill him. You are provided with guns, grenades and landmines. When you play the game, you are positioned behind the wall and enemy walks/runs from opposite direction. On the screen you can see the gun you are currently using along with the amount of ammo left, the number of enemies alive and alerts of placed mines along with the number of enemy soldiers which are in its range. Once you kill all the opponents, you are progressed to the next level. There is no time limit of the game.

Items in game

In order to play the game, the player can use the following items

  • Guns – There are various guns, which can be shuffled depending on need
  • Mines – Player can use landmines for blasting up enemy
  • Grenades – The grenades are given in the game which can be bought and can be used to kill enemy.


desert rifle 2

Gun types

There are various guns available in the game which player can score and use. The most basic is the handgun with unlimited ammo. Other than that there are sniper rifles, automatic gun and a shot gun. Other than handgun, other guns have limited ammo and needed to be purchased from time to time from the scores you have earned.

Game score

Player is awarded with the scores for each killing and at the end of each level; you get scores for health left, accuracy, clean shots made and explosive kills. These scores can be used to buy guns, landmines and grenades. When a player scores well in a level, he is given a bonus of better aim, faster recovery and more health.

Appropriate Age

Desert Rifle 2 is suggested to be played by age 10 and above as it has minor violence.


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