Desert Rifle 4

Desert Rifle 4 is the fourth installment in Desert Rifle series.  This game is played similarly to all previous versions of this series using mouse. There is a huge change in graphics rendition and game play experience. There is more action, more soldiers and more fun. One major change in this game is the screen shake. Whenever there is detonation of a grenade or a landmine, there is a visual shake which gives effect of an actual blast. The player has more control over the battle field which makes the game more intense and definitely addictive.

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Controls to play

The game is played by the following controls.

  • Mouse left click – Shoot
  • Lower mouse – Hide/ reload gun
  • Keypad 1-7 – Detonate mines
  • Lower mouse + Click on gun/R – Change Gun
  • Space bar – Use Sniper Mode
  • X-Fire Grenades
  • Q/E – Switch weapons
  • M- Change Fire Mode
  • P – Pause game


Game Play

In this game, your only mission is to kill enemy and save yourself. As previous versions, you are positioned behind a wall where you can duck and save yourself or stand in a position and shoot your enemies. Before the level starts, you are provided a map, where you can place landmines, depending on your strategy and you can detonate them during the game play. The major upgrade in the version is that the wall is not the ultimate safe zone as previous versions. The soldiers have much more advanced weapons which can penetrate through the wall to an extent and drain your health.

The soldiers ride on desert bikes and once they hit the wall and blast, you lose more health. And if you do not kill the soldiers before they reach the wall, they may jump through the wall and kill you. That’s why you need to act fast and precise and kill enemy quickly. In order to finish the level, you need to kill all the enemies. You can keep track of remaining soldiers by the counter displayed on the screen during game play.

Items in game

The following items are available in the game

  • Guns – There are various guns, which can be shuffled depending on need and situation
  • Mines – You can choose the location of landmines and detonate them as per need.
  • Remote Grenades – The grenades are given in the game which can be bought and can be used to kill enemy using the remote to detonate them.


desert rifle 4

Gun types

There are many guns which you can use to play. You choose the gun depending on your game play strategy and your need. In order to achieve more scores and  to play efficiently, your choice of guns has to be perfect as each soldier has different armor which can be penetrated by using  a specific gun i.e. there will be a soldier which has armor from head to toe and can be killed only by a shot at his neck, so for that kind of soldier, you need a sniper gun. There are various guns available. The basic one as before is the handgun with unlimited ammo. Other than that there is a shot gun, a sniper gun and automatic rifle.

Game score

You will score for each enemy soldier you kill. Along with that your precision and speed will also help you attain more scores. Your overall performance such as shoot accuracy, your remaining health and clean shots are the parameters on which you will be scored on during the game play. In order to achieve bonus, you need to score high. As bonus, you will get options such as better aiming, better armor, fast health recovery and more score for each kill.

Appropriate Age

Desert Rifle 4 is suggested to be played by age 14 and above.



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