Games Like Desert Rifle

Desert rifle is one of the most amazing shooting games available online. The marvelous game play and amazing graphics and controls make the game tempting to be played for a long time. But once the missions are over and game is completed, then probably the most difficult question is “Now what?”

Well, we have the answer to this question and have listed few games similar to Desert rifle. For sure, there is some difference but overall, you will enjoy these games.

Last line of defense

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A virus has killed everyone and destroyed cities. The dead people are infected and mutated and have become bloodthirsty zombies. You are one of the survivors and you need to kill them in order to save yourself.  You have a stock of powerful guns and ammo by which you will kill all the zombies who come towards you. The zombies come in groups which are called as waves in the game. There are some slow zombies which are easy to kill, some fast which run and reach u really soon, and then there are some zombies which jump really quick and have wings, which makes the game overall challenging and interesting at the same time.

Once you play, you score with each kill, by which you can buy weapons, superguns, mods and better bunker. The game is really addictive and is surely going to indulge you for hours.


The only control is mouse click. You aim the gun with the mouse and click to shoot. Spacebar acts as a shortcut to control panel from where you can buy artillery.


Storm Ops

play storm ops


You are a soldier whose mission is to save his base. You have to kill the oncoming enemy units and prevent the base from being destroyed. There will be 25 waves of enemy soldiers and you need to kill all and survive. Once you complete the 25 waves, the game will not end there; instead it will keep going on, which makes it a never ending fun. You can play as much as u want and score as much as u can.

This game has great graphics and is totally action packed. It also possesses amazing gaming physics. The bullets follow a realistic flight mode which makes you feel that you really are in a battlefield and are shooting with a real gun.

You would be positioned on top of a wall and in front of you will be a snow filled field where opponent soldiers will come running and they will be shooting your post. You have to aim with your gun quickly and shoot them. Each shoot will get you scores and headshot will get you a bonus score too.


Mouse – Aim and Shoot

R- Reload

F- Change firing mode

V- Peek over the sight

1, 2, 3- Change weapons

Q- Last weapon used

Esc- menu


Castle Guardian

play guardian castle


The story line of this game is really simple. You need to defend your castle from the enemy who wants your castle to be destroyed and kill you.

You are positioned at a castle tower and the soldiers come running to your castle gate, shooting the wall and trying to break it down. You need to kill them before the wall gets destroyed. You earn by accuracy of your shots and headshots. You can use the money earned in guns and repairing the damaged wall.

In this game, the enemy is fast, so you need to be real quick if you want to survive and save your castle.


Mouse – Aim and Shoot

Space bar – Zoom in

Up/Down Arrow- Change weapons

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