Punt Return Man

The big games are now in your fingertips, on your device, waiting for you to play and win. ESPN Arcade and GameBreakers bring the ‘Return Man Series‘ on your laptop and desktop, easy to play, free to download, but guaranteeing almost the same excitement as any real rugby game in a field.

Game Rules

Consider yourself one of the players in your favorite game, ready for action on the field. The opponent team throws you the punt, and the game begins. All you have to do now is run – run left and right, up and down, trying to avoid tackle and getting caught.

Your main target is to return to race down to the field for a touchdown. Avoid the defenders and stay close to the other members of your teammate, and with the help of skilled navigation through the field, you will reach the touchdown area and win one for your team!

Game Levels

Each game gives you four chances of playing. Each time you are caught up with by an opponent player, or you fail to reach touchdown, you lose a punt and a life. You can start a new game with four new lives anytime, even in the middle of a game. Or, you can wait for your four chances to end and see what your score is.

Scoring and Difficulty Level

Your performance is scored on your time taken to reach the touchdown, your strategy in avoiding the tackle of your opponents and your speed and direction of running. There is an option to submit your score for other players to compare with.

There is only one difficulty level in the game. It may seem a little difficult to the amateur player or the first-timer, but after practice for only a few minutes, the game will become easy. Of course, if you are a regular gamer who likes sports games, you can catch the control earlier.


The following buttons on the keyboard can be used in the game:

  • To run forward – I button, Up Arrow
  • To Run Left – J button, Left Arrow
  • To Run Right – L Button, Right arrow
  • To Continue Game – Space Bar
  • To Mute Game – M button

You can also unlock three other ‘Special Moves’ later into the game, which can be controlled by:

  • For Juke – A button
  • For Hurdle – S button
  • For Afterburner – D button


You have the option to play with sound, or mute the game. You can also view the rules and the controls of the game and mute/un-mute the game at any time in between the game.

Age Limit

This game, like all return man games,  is suitable for all ages. Any child or adult who can maneuver the keyboard can play this game.

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